Carte dei 144 Stimoli


Carte dei 144 Stimoli


TITLE 1: Do you want to play a game that makes you know yourself better, clarify your ideas and be happier?

The 144 Stimuli are a unique deck of cards in the world. They allow you to clarify and access all your potential, but also those of others. So as to transform any “problem” or situation into an opportunity to bring out the best in you, be happier and make the world a better place .

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In fact, the 144 Stimuli cards are different from all the other cards in the world on 5 levels :


TITLE 2: 1 – They are just like that.

Inside you will find very different stimuli: characters and unusual qualities that will be easy to recognize in yourself, universal archetypes, concepts of ancient mystical traditions, discoveries of the science of happiness and tools for personal growth. All in a simple and fun language, which allows an interpretation of each stimulus on several levels and to use them in many different ways.


They are the result of years of work and research on how to combine play, imagination, spirituality, science and art in a tool that is accessible and usable by everyone immediately , independently and in company. To make the authentic knowledge of oneself a common, playful, practical, widespread practice.


TITLE 2: 2 – What they do.

Unlike other cards that people use to get inspired or to clarify situations (or to get rid of curiosities), such as the Tarot, the Angels cards, the archetypes etc., these cards always bring you back to look inside yourself, instead of out: they show you your qualities, your inner characters and the points where you can improve .


In other words, instead of making you look out for someone or something “to tell you what to do”, they show you the way to solve the doubt or the problem on your own, bringing out what is already in you, which you may not consider or that he is not aware. They are therefore unique cards of POWER . After a Play session with the 144 Stimuli you will not only know WHAT is happening, but HOW TO DO to maximize the well-being of all in that situation. 


TITLE 2: 3 – How to use them.

The number and type of uses of the 144 Stimuli is constantly growing. They range from the simplest game, that of drawing a card from the whole deck, to schemes designed specifically for business, educational, personal and spiritual growth contexts. The 144 Stimuli are in fact able to bring out the personal resources of each member of a group , to suggest proven methods to overcome a limit, to observe with irony one’s own character trait and to transform it, both independently and with the support of someone .


If you wonder how a deck of cards can do all this it is because you have no idea how, with the right key, you can access a quantity of extraordinary resources within you and within the human soul in general. These Stimuli are the Key, made not of iron but of Irony, Science, Practice and Ancient Wisdom .


TITLE 2: 4 – Who uses them.

As you read these lines, the cards of the 144 Stimuli are in the hands of business managers, psychotherapists, artists, teachers, directors, coaches and spiritual masters who use them daily in very different contexts, but who all have one thing in common: intent. to go deep into one’s own inner qualities and those of others and to bring out the best that is in everyone . Every day, thanks also to the participation of those who use them, new contexts of use are created, new tools to make them increasingly effective that are available to users all over the world, thanks to continuous updates on the pages of the website www.mauriziamancini. com dedicated to this game.

TITLE 2: and – Who created them.

They have been designed and designed entirely by Maurizia Mancini, who deals with Happiness full time and who helps hundreds of people to find their fulfillment in the private and professional sphere. Maurizia has in fact identified what is most effective in giving the person access to their natural happiness , thanks to years of experience in this field, to her academic studies in Italy, Columbia University, Pratt Institute and Berkeley University, to continuous practical training in techniques of the sciences of well-being and meditation and the continuous collaboration with other researchers, including psychologists, engineers, teachers, entrepreneurs and spiritual masters.
The creative unexpected and play are the most effective universal toolsable to make accessible to all those concepts and habits that can truly transform one’s life. Just as the game he previously released “Vedopolis” was the first boxed game in the world that is good for the eyes, the 144 Stimuli are the first deck of cards in the world that can allow you to unleash your true potential, have fun and making you think.

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